Monday, April 19, 2010

Reversible Quilts Book Review

I was fortunate enough to meet with Sharon in Houston at the Quilt Market last year. Sharon is a warm and approachable person, always keen to share her experience.
Reversible Quilts is a well laid out educational book, which shows you how to make two quilts at the same time. You make and quilt the blocks as you go and therefore can attempt a queen size quilt on any machine. Using her method you can make a quilt that has two distinct sides; one side showing a Christmas theme and on the other side you might like to show an Easter theme.
Sharon shows you how to make a simple quilt to start off with and progresses to more complex designs as you go.
In the book you will find 10 projects to do, but you actually end up with 20 different quilt tops if you turn them.
It's a pleasure to read through the pages and get inspired along the way with new ideas.
If you are not so good with learning from a book, the educational DVD works very well in conjunction to the book or by itself.
I recommend this book and the DVD to any beginner or experienced quilter who would like to add a new technique to their repertoire.

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