Wednesday, December 22, 2010


                                  Everything you can imagine is real.
                                                                            Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973)

Imaging what next year will bring to you. Where will you live? What car will you drive? Are you going to travel and where? Imagination is the mother and father of all inventions. No imagination - no electricity.
Let your imagination go wild – write a page, two or three in your journal and be a kid once more. See it in your mind, see it in front of you – life is good.
I have running water brought to me via a tap – what about you? Are you living in a country where you have to go and fetch water from a well? How fortunate am I to have this precious water right here right now at any time in front of me?! Thank you to the person who first saw this in his or her mind and finally it happened – we have running water at our disposal.

With this thought I leave you and wish you all the best for the Festive Season

Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hello my dear fellow quilters,
Christmas is in the air, everyone is shopping, still one more gift to purchase or make. Lots of companies put on some last minute specials to entice you to buy some more.
I sit and think – is it really the gift that matters? Or is it the sharing and giving in itself? Can you receive openly without thinking “Oh, I already have this, or I didn’t need this”? It is the thought that counts. Remember the time when you were a child, how your eyes lit up when you saw the Christmas Tree, when you saw all those presents under it, when everyone was laughing and sharing stories.
I remember my Christmas at home as a child, it was always very special. I lived in Germany and we are 5 siblings. We didn’t see the Christmas tree until Christmas Eve. After church the door to the lounge room opened and there it was in all its glory. So many candles, so many presents – and none were to be opened until each one of us either said a poem in front of the tree, or sang a song, played the flute or guitar. We would open the presents and played family games.
It is all a bit different here in Australia – the sun is usually shining, it is hot and steamy. On Christmas day the kids can’t wait to open the presents, take the new boggy board to the beach. It is different but in some kind of a way the same. Everyone seems to stop for a while and there is peace.
Well my friends, I look forward to sharing with family and friends. Relax around the table, chit chat away, have a glass of wine and let the day float by.
I hope you will have set some time away to relax and share with your loved ones as well.
And if you are still looking to make a quick little gift for someone – here it is….
Open the link and you will find some instructions to make some coasters.
Please click on "Coaster" and you will receive the free pattern.
I wish you well over the Festive Season and Take Care

Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's my birthday today. I had such a great day, thank you to all my family and friends who made this day so special.
Breakfast with my son, his wife and their new born baby, my first grandson.
In the afternoon I went out with my neighbours all the way out west of Sydney, places I had not seen, Indian food, how delicious, and there was birthday cake too.
Lots of phone calls from my family in Germany and friends all over the world, cards and gifts made by very skilled  people.
I am appreciated, thank you.
I am loved, thank you.
Life is beautiful, abundant in every way and it was shown to me over and over again today.

Good night - sleep tight - don't let the bedbugs bite

Friday, July 2, 2010

How to Free Motion Machine Quilt

In Line Dancing Free-motion machine quilting made easy Martha Milne demonstrates how basic lines found in her natural environments inspire her quilting lines. These flowing lines include Ripple Stipple, Making Waves and Mussel Shell.
Any quilter using a frame can use Martha's technique.
She uses Ball Room Dancing as a metaphor combined with the song La Mer playing in the background, which makes the whole experience of watching the DVD so much more fun. I have watched the DVD over and over - even with my friends.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Out of the Box

A quilt for my sister Sabine, she had a special birthday in May
The Quilt is called "Out of the Box"

Being back in Germany and reflecting on my time with Sabine and my family in Germany I was reminded of a very special poem from Doris Warshay.

New Directions by Doris Warshay
I want to travel as far as I can go,
I want to reach the joy that's in my soul,
And change the limitations that I know,
And feel my mind and spirit grow;

I want to live, exist, 'to be'
And hear the truths inside of me.

My version of the poem

On my road I travel as far as I can go,
I reach the joy that's in my soul,
And change the limitations that I know,
And feel my mind and spirit grow;
I am Living, Existing 
And I hear the truths inside of me.
Thank you

You might ask why did I adjust the poem? Well, I don't want to keep it in the "wanting", the time is now, this moment.
I do thank Doris for her poem and inspiration.

Colour the World with your Creativity
Be it playing music, painting, cooking, writing poems, writing stories, reading to an elderly or young person, quilting, pottery, sweeping the floor, talking, listening, dancing, singing and much more.
Be in it, be in your creativity and let it shine.



Saturday, June 5, 2010

Twisted Bargello

I have returned from Germany visiting family and friends. It was mighty cold and rained from time to time, I think I saw the sun shining through some clouds 4 times.
Back in Australia I was also greeted by clouds and heavy rain. But today the sun came out and ahh so beautiful to see it shine. This is Australia for you, the rain never lasts long.
Whilst in Germany I had the chance to take some photos of the quilt that I made for my Mum's 70 birthday, which is coming up in December this year.
My son took the quilt over last year after it was finished. Why wait to give this colourfull quilt, it was an early birthday gift and much appreciated during the heavy snowfall and cold winter nights this year.

The quilt was my first major project and is easy to make, believe it or not, the hardest thing was choosing the colours. The pattern was given to me by a friend and written by Chris Timmins from Grafton Australia.
Hope you enjoy looking at the quilt and if you like a pattern please let me know, I can get it for you.
That's all for now, wishing you all well and take care 

Friday, April 23, 2010

8 Steps to finish your UFOs

I must confess that I didn't even know what UFO stands for when I went to my first quilting group. I thought, what are they talking about when they mentioned: "I have so many UFOs that I started hiding them."

Quickly I found out that they are not unidentified objects flying around somewhere, a UFO is an Unfinished Object, and the quilts we start but never seem to get finished.

Ask a quilter and they will tell you where to find the UFOs in their house. Stuffed in a basket under some wool for the jumper that I wanted to knit for my son when he was 3, he is now 13 and I don't have enough wool to finish the jumper, but never mind - one day….the jumper and one day the quilt.

You might find UFOs in boxes, the last draw in my cupboard or hidden behind some old clothes that I don't wear any more since I have put on 10 pounds...

Quilters tend to hide them after a while and go out to buy more fabrics anyway. It's like an addiction this quilting, there are so many beautiful fabrics to touch, to stroke and finally buy them to start yet another stunning project, which I promise to finish one day.

There are many reasons why this can happen, some I like to share with you here.

Someone comes along and gives me a negative feedback. Next I have the little voice in the head that says: "See, I told you so - you are no good at this".
I just bought this fantastic new fabric and wanted to get started right away with my new quilt, the last one I will finish later.
My auntie's birthday has passed anyway, so I can't give her the quilt now - can I?
I started a new job, now I don't have time to finish the project.
The weather is so beautiful and I started swimming again, no time to do the jobs around the house.
Oh, I forgot all about that quilt, I thought I finished it last year.
My friend didn't like the colours I chose, so I lost interest.
I don't know how to do the next step.

There are so many different ways to delay the final few steps - I could go on and on, but this is not what the article is about.
I like to encourage you to finish the quilt and give you some tips on how to do that.
At this stage you have to be honest here with yourself. You might discover that deep down inside you really love to cut up the fabric, sew the blocks and assemble them, but you don't like basting, quilting or binding. Whatever you feel, put this aside for now and follow the steps:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Reversible Quilts Book Review

I was fortunate enough to meet with Sharon in Houston at the Quilt Market last year. Sharon is a warm and approachable person, always keen to share her experience.
Reversible Quilts is a well laid out educational book, which shows you how to make two quilts at the same time. You make and quilt the blocks as you go and therefore can attempt a queen size quilt on any machine. Using her method you can make a quilt that has two distinct sides; one side showing a Christmas theme and on the other side you might like to show an Easter theme.
Sharon shows you how to make a simple quilt to start off with and progresses to more complex designs as you go.
In the book you will find 10 projects to do, but you actually end up with 20 different quilt tops if you turn them.
It's a pleasure to read through the pages and get inspired along the way with new ideas.
If you are not so good with learning from a book, the educational DVD works very well in conjunction to the book or by itself.
I recommend this book and the DVD to any beginner or experienced quilter who would like to add a new technique to their repertoire.

Color the World with your Creativity


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Intuitive Color & Design - Book Review

There are many different ways in which I like to spend a sunny afternoon, one of them is to sit with a cup of tea and read through a new book.
 Reading through Jean Wells’ Intuitive Color & Design is an adventure in itself. Jean shows you how to open your eyes to see the multiple colours and shapes that surround us. You will learn to start your journal with confidence, explore colour families and related harmony to make the quilt design dance.
You are inspired and provoked to see what actually attracts you to certain shapes, sizes and colours. Jean guides you through her assignments to convert your ideas into the finished art piece. She offers 11 assignments, starting with a journal, what tools you need, and shows you how to paper piece.
Jean also goes into great details of the principles of design and scale, shape, patterns and colours.
Every page has either inspiring landscape images, close up design photos and drawings to show you ‘How’ it all comes together.
This book is an inspiration to me and I can recommend it to anyone who would like to broaden their horizon and develop their own artistic potential.

Colour the World with your creativity


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My new Bag

My son and his wife Elle came on Easter Sunday for Coffee and cake, that is what Germans do....

We had a lovely time and I notice her new bag. Elle said that she received the bag as a gift for Christmas and has another 2, nearly the same. "Oh..." I said, "A bag is easy to make"

I sat on Sunday evening and thought about the bag. What about if I make one - just for the fun of it. Here is the result I came up with. The bags are easy to make and you only need 1 metre of fabric if you would like the outer and inner bag in the same colour. Otherwise you take 2 fat quarters, one for the outer and one for the inner bag.
Since I have collected buttons for some time I used those on the bag as well.
If you would like the pattern for the bag please go to my website and when you purchase 1 metre of fabric in total I will send you the pattern for free via email.

This one I made with lovely Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
Scrap material that I had for a while.

Colour the World with your Creativity


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best friends

Best friends...
It's Sunday morning and I have returned from a swim in the crystal clear ocean with my son. He is leaving soon to live in Germany for a while...will miss him.
But than I think, you do have to let go of your kids and let them make their own experience. While children stay with you for a while, go and come when they are older it's a different story with your friends. They come into your life; it seems like - out of nowhere. Here they are, just toddled in and some stay for a day, a week, a month, a year or a lifetime.
You can see my lifetime friends and me here. We were in France on holidays. We can spend a lot of time together or just a few hours on the phone. It doesn't matter how much time we share, they are always with me, just like my children. Our souls are connected, our hearts sing when we see each other, we laugh and cry together. It's great to have these wonderful women in my life. Thank you

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dancing Leaves outside my window

I finished a new quilt "Dancing Leaves outside my window". This quilt is for my friend Megan. I gave it to her on Friday and therefore I can show it to world now.
She was thrilled and is now making her very first quilt herself. It will be for a single bed and she has choosen 15 different colours. Once finished I hope to show it off in my Gallery at my website.

Well my friends, this is it for today

Color the world with your creativity

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a beautiful day


What a beautiful day it is in Sydney today, the sun is up - crystal clear water, swimming just great, the waves are rolling in...

Went yesterday to my quilting group in Belrose and we had a lot of fun, which brings me to the subject of Quilting Groups. Find one in your local area and join if you can. They are usually during the day, but some are also in the evening. It's a great way to make new friends and I certainly have learnt a lot. Our quilting group has about 15 - 20 members, we pay a small fee to cover the cost of the hall. We don't teach as such, but knowledge is shared freely, which I love.

I've bought a whole new lot of fantastic fabrics designed by Kaffe Fassett, check them out on the website Yes, you can buy less than a metre of each of the fabrics, please send me an email with that request as I haven't been able to figure out how to modify the shopping cart as yet. Sometimes I think my time is better spent on quilting than figuring out the website! Anyway, do have a look and let me know what you think.

You can see the cushion cover that I made last Friday in my previous Blog. It was made from the fabric Dancing Leaves Fabric (KF), very beach like, refreshing and vibrant.


Life is a Play - the main actor is YOU

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cushion cover

Just made a new cushion cover this afternoon from my new fabric collection
Kaffe Fassett - Dancing Leaves
Let me know what you think



Colour the World with your creativity

Friday, March 12, 2010

My first quilt

Just returned from my holiday up north and thought that I share yet another one of my quilts.
This is the very first quilt that I made. It took over a year to complete. I had no ruler, rotary cutter or any other quilting equipment at that time. However, I loved making this quilt and it turned out OK (my friends tell me so). Very colourful indeed.

You can view more pictures in my gallery.


Colour the World with your creativity

Monday, March 8, 2010

Come into my Garden

Here is another imgage of the Quilt 'Come into my Garden'


Color the World with your creativity

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Come into my Garden

I have found some great Kaffe Fassett fabrics and added them to my website.
I used some of those for my 'Come into my Garden' quilt


Color the World with your creativity

Beach and Sand Quilt

Sharing with you the quilt that I made for Elle.
Since she is a surfer I thought this one is refecting her passion and how she colours our world.


Color the World with your creativity

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a beautiful day this one was

Went swimming in our wonderful ocean at North Curl Curl today with Annie, my dear friend. The water was crystal clear, the waves coming in nicely, water about 24 degrees.
What a wonderful world we live in
Thank you


Color the World with your creativity

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pick a Boo Quilt

Hello my friends,

This is an imgage for the quilt that I just finished for my first Grandchild to come.

And as you know, my website is up and running now. Sign up and become a member - go and have a look at the Gallery, where the quilts are shown. I will add more soon.

What are your thoughts?