Friday, July 2, 2010

How to Free Motion Machine Quilt

In Line Dancing Free-motion machine quilting made easy Martha Milne demonstrates how basic lines found in her natural environments inspire her quilting lines. These flowing lines include Ripple Stipple, Making Waves and Mussel Shell.
Any quilter using a frame can use Martha's technique.
She uses Ball Room Dancing as a metaphor combined with the song La Mer playing in the background, which makes the whole experience of watching the DVD so much more fun. I have watched the DVD over and over - even with my friends.

Along the way Martha shows step-by-step instructions on each of the three designs always coming back to the basic steps and motions.
Martha reveals the 'Right Stuff' that is needed to quilt so elegantly. She takes the mystery out of all those gadgets and gismos and gives us simple straightforward information on which needle, thread, wadding and batting to use. We learn how to set up our machine, the frame and our body tension. Finally we will do a practice piece and by the end of the DVD we quilt, just as Martha does, combining simple long lines taken from nature with simple techniques to create our own spectacular quilts.
I highly recommend this educational DVD to any quilter.
Wishing you well and colour the world with your creativity.

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