Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hello my dear fellow quilters,
Christmas is in the air, everyone is shopping, still one more gift to purchase or make. Lots of companies put on some last minute specials to entice you to buy some more.
I sit and think – is it really the gift that matters? Or is it the sharing and giving in itself? Can you receive openly without thinking “Oh, I already have this, or I didn’t need this”? It is the thought that counts. Remember the time when you were a child, how your eyes lit up when you saw the Christmas Tree, when you saw all those presents under it, when everyone was laughing and sharing stories.
I remember my Christmas at home as a child, it was always very special. I lived in Germany and we are 5 siblings. We didn’t see the Christmas tree until Christmas Eve. After church the door to the lounge room opened and there it was in all its glory. So many candles, so many presents – and none were to be opened until each one of us either said a poem in front of the tree, or sang a song, played the flute or guitar. We would open the presents and played family games.
It is all a bit different here in Australia – the sun is usually shining, it is hot and steamy. On Christmas day the kids can’t wait to open the presents, take the new boggy board to the beach. It is different but in some kind of a way the same. Everyone seems to stop for a while and there is peace.
Well my friends, I look forward to sharing with family and friends. Relax around the table, chit chat away, have a glass of wine and let the day float by.
I hope you will have set some time away to relax and share with your loved ones as well.
And if you are still looking to make a quick little gift for someone – here it is….
Open the link and you will find some instructions to make some coasters.
Please click on "Coaster" and you will receive the free pattern.
I wish you well over the Festive Season and Take Care

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